Connecting music and visuals

We were commissioned by MLF to create three real time sound reactive CGI landscapes for the latest Three commercial. The film focuses on connecting music to the moving image and was filmed with dynamically tracked cameras to create a perspective illusion of “being there”.

We developed the interactive software and designed the sound reactive real time CGI landscapes.

Creating a piece of software that was flexible enough to drive animation in a considered way on a tight schedule was the main challenge. By extending the software controls to a tablet during the shoot, we were able to design each shot and trigger manual animations to the director and client’s creative requests. This proved invaluable and added another dimension to the creative process on set.


  • Client Three
  • Agency Boys and Girls
  • Production Company Marshmallow Laser Feast
  • Director Robin McNicholas
  • VFX Supervisor Arvid Niklasson
  • Art Director Nidia Dias
  • Developer & Designer Arvid Niklasson
  • Developer Graham Reeves
  • 3D Artist Gustav Larsson
  • BTS Filming Gustav Larsson
  • BTS Editor Martin Gunnarsson

Process Film