Nature of Motion

We were asked by Nike to design and create a film celebrating the genealogy of Nike Free footwear through human movement, using inspiration from the running man graphic identity for their Nature of Motion exhibit in Milan at Salone del Mobile 2016.

We created a 5min, 4K, full CG looping film to be displayed on a huge 14m x 4m video wall.

By using lidar scanning to capture a diverse range of environments, our film is a collection of this data, represented as five abstract settings. Each style evolves over time whilst visually maintaining the common language of the running man.
Due to the nature of the film we had to develop procedural setups which allowed us to produce manageable, large scale environments whilst remaining creatively flexible.
One of key challenges for us was developing five individual styles that would be captivating whether a visitor viewed the film for a few moments or for the full 5 minute duration.


  • Client Nike
  • Art Direction Andy walker, Lee Owens
  • Direction and Design Analog
  • VFX Supervisor Mike Merron
  • Lead 3D Artists Simon Reeves & Cristobal Infante
  • Art Director Nidia Dias
  • Producer Elle Loveday Rose Lockhart