Awesome Woman

In a new TV ad promoting Tetley’s Super Tea range, Awesome Woman gets back on track with a cup of tea containing added vitamin B6.

We designed the general space and drones and also did the animation and visual effects in this lighthearted spot for Tetley.


  • Production Company Iconoclast
  • Director Casper Kelly
  • Analog VFX Supervision Arvid Niklasson
  • Analog 2D Supervisor Fabio Zaveti
  • Analog 3D Artists Tim Woods, Maurizio De Angelis, Martin Gunnarsson, Gustav Larsson, Johannes Andersson & Kristoffer Andersson
  • Analog 2D Artists Igor Gama , Alessandro Melillo & Vlad Iliescu
  • Analog Design Tim Woods
  • Analog Producer Mark Webb
  • Edit Cut&Run
  • Music & Sound Factory

Process Film

Process Images