Another great collaboration between Analog and Marshmallow Laser Feast – ‘Memex’ explores a 3D study of mortality utilising the power of photogrammetry to create different perspectives of the human form. FBFX Digital utilised their incredible high resolution, 94 camera rig to capture a range of full body scans of model Beryl Nesbitt.

We further processed and refined Beryl’s scans in our studio, by painting and shading them to create hyper-realistic and emotional visuals. Additional scans of various props, dried flowers, rotting pomegranates and large scale cloth simulations were also created here to bring the final aesthetic together.

Creating the subtleties of believable human skin and rebuilding the soulful eyes that sought connection with the viewer was a challenging but rewarding process that went through many iterations of development. The massive data sets were often revised and rebuilt to optimise the 3D scenes and resulting render times.


  • Director: Barney Steele/Marshmallow Laser Feast
  • Producer: Emily Rudge
  • Creative Direction: Analog
  • Lead 3D/VFX: Matt Chandler
  • 3D Artist: Tim Woods
  • 3D Photogrammetry & Scanning: FBFX Ltd
  • Music: Duologue
  • Editor: Saam Hodivala

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