Audi Eye

A Close up Experience

This commercial was a highly challenging and technically ambitious audio-visual project involving the study of motoring exhilaration through the human body’s most expressive feature – the eye.

Directed by ManvsMachine with a live action shoot in Portugal with a prototype Audi R8, our job was to carefully craft a highly detailed, photoreal eye asset from scratch utilising custom light stage data scanned at ICT Graphics Lab. In conjunction with this we built a fully realised 3D racetrack which was used to choreograph animation, lighting and travelling reflections.

The opening shot of the closeup eye was an unforgiving, continuous 30 second sequence that was both a challenge for animation and rendering. The creation of the iris also underwent
numerous revisions and approaches to reach the required fidelity, eventually being a combination of modelled details and huge texture maps from stitched Reverse Lens Macro photography images from across the iris.


  • Agency BBH
  • Director ManvsMachine
  • Production Company Friend
  • VFX Supervisor Simon Reeves, Matt Chandler
  • Producer Mike Merron
  • 3D Artists Maurizio De Angelis, Tim Woods
  • Rigging TD Martin Gunnarsson
  • Lead Animator Nicolas Seck
  • 2D Artists Fabio Zaveti, Oscar Tornisca, Nathan Bayliss
  • Grade Edwin Metternich / Framestore
  • Audio String & Tins

Process Film