Film 4 – Film Ident

We once again teamed up with ManvsMachine to create a brand new standalone version of the classic Film 4 ident in order to align it to the TV idents while future-proofing it by working at 4K resolution.

This time around the brief required a full-CG approach: we built a 3D environment based upon MvM’s animatic to recreate a different take on the scrolling celluloid film strip animation concept.

One of the challenges we faced was to create a seamless transition between the CG spaces as they scrolled ‘in camera’ by looping the CG environment to match the timings perfectly while having the lighting and mood change across the film. Also part of the design was a photorealistic pool of still water that would ripple and react to the Film 4 logo as it’s perceived to travel from behind camera to the back of the space to form the finished ident.


  • Client 4Creative
  • Concept & Design ManvsMachine
  • VFX Supervisor Mike Merron
  • VFX Producer Mark Webb
  • Lead 3D Artist Tim Woods
  • Lead 2D Artist Fabio Zaveti
  • 2D Artist Jenn Epstein