Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate

Daemon Hunters

We threw ourselves deep into the lore of Warhammer in order to craft this full-CG piece, fine-tuning the details to bring to life the Grey Knights and the forces of Nurgle.


  • Client Frontier Developments / Games Workshop
  • Creative Agency Fire Without Smoke
  • Director Mantas Grigaitis
  • CG Production Company Analog Studio
  • Supervisor Arvid Niklasson
  • 3D Lead Matt Chandler
  • Modelling Nimesh Patel
  • Animation Lead Julien Loth
  • Animators Konstantinos Zacharakis, Alex Toufaili
  • 3D Artists Thomas Ramboz, Mark Jackson, Deniz Cinar, DarĂ­o Munoz
  • 2D Lead Fabio Zaveti
  • 2D Artists Valentina Bartiromo, Enrico Lambiase, Giuseppina Cataldo
  • Grade Fabio Zaveti
  • Head of 3D & Pipeline Simon Reeves
  • Producer Rose Nicholson