Welcome to Beyond

We worked with Saad Moosajee of Smuggler / Tempo Media to create two minutes of pure creative VFX to tell the story of not one, but six, out of this world luxury vehicles for Maybach’s Welcome to Beyond campaign. It doesn’t get much more up our street than that.
The film sees each model in its own visionary world, which we designed, supervised and built in a combination of Unreal engine, AI, virtual production and traditional 3D/VFX that was as unique as the car themselves.
The result is an epic tale of mystery and wonder through a landscape of magical dreams.

Welcome to Beyond.


  • Client Mercedes Maybach
  • Director Saad Moosajee
  • Prod Co Smuggler/Tempo Media
  • Agency Antoni
  • Producers Nick Fewtrell / Timm Reinfahrt / Moriz Schroeter
  • DOP Mattias Rudh
  • VFX Supervisor Mike Merron
  • VFX Producer Matthew Shannon
  • Lead 2D Fabio Zaveti
  • Lead 3D Mike Merron
  • 2d Artists Giuseppina Cataldo, André Dias, Andre Silva, Ephraim Mwakandu Georgios Siakallis, Bruno Badac
  • 3d Artists Simon Reeves, Matt Chandler, Jasper Corker-Marin, Darío Muñoz Ortiz, Nil Lopez Ravetllat
  • Modeller Dean Barlow
  • Realtime Artists Arvid Niklasson, Mark Jackson
  • Virtual Production Stage Hyperbowl