Nike asked us to help create the official product video and stills campaign for the launch of the much anticipated collaboration between NikeLabs and Louis Vuitton’s very own Art Director – Kim Jones.

The ‘packable sportswear’ collection prides itself on each piece being super lightweight, easily packable, and cut from one piece of cloth. The unmistakable neon colours of the windbreakers were inspired by the colourways of the iconic Air Max trainers.

We carefully examined the distinct fabrics and Nike’s flyknit textures, creating numerous cloth simulations and detailed creases to accurately portray the garments.


  • Client Nike
  • Creative Direction Andy Walker, Lee Owens
  • 3D, Animation, VFX Analog
  • VFX Supervisors Mike Merron, Matt Chandler, Arvid Niklasson
  • Lead 3D Artists Martin Gunnarsson, Kristoffer Andersson, Johannes Andersson
  • Lead 2D Artists Fabio Zaveti, Jenn Epstein
  • Art Director Nidia Dias
  • Producer Elle Loveday Rose Lockhart

Process Film