Microsoft – Hololens 2 Teaser

We were invited by the team at Microsoft to work on the teaser film to announce the release of the Hololens 2. ­Microsoft’s much awaited groundbreaking mixed reality device to be launched at Mobile World Congress 2019.
For the teaser the team at Microsoft asked us to show the creation story of the incredible Hololens 2 device using the raw minerals and technical materials used for its manufacture. Metals, minerals, carbon fibre and glass all form, melt and weave with intention, building towards a complex structure. However, the product itself is only hinted at: to see the Hololens 2 in action see our page on the reveal film here. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new Hololens 2.

Congratulations to all the Microsoft team.


  • Client Microsoft
  • VFX Producer Mark Webb, Matthew Shannon
  • Lead 2D Artist Fabio Zaveti
  • 2D Arstists Igor Gama, Alessandro Melillo
  • Lead 3D Artist Matt Chandler
  • 3D Artists Kristoffer Andersson, Tim Woods, Simon Reeves, Gustav Larsson