Microsoft – Hololens 2 Reveal Film

Working with Microsoft for the launch of the Hololens 2 ­we were invited to work on the final shot of the reveal film shown at the Mobile World Congress. Working with the design team at Microsoft we took their concept of a theatre designer using the device to spatially arrange a stage in real time and brought it to life to the final dramatic moment of lights taking flight across the scene. Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s technical fellow for cloud and AI, launched the Hololens 2 atMWC 2019.


  • Client Microsoft
  • VFX Producer Matthew Shannon
  • Lead 2D Artist Fabio Zaveti
  • Lead 3D Artist Simon Reeves
  • 2D Artists Thiago Vilas Boas
  • 3D Artists Matt Chandler, Tim Phillips, Maurizio De Angelis, Mark Jackson