Film 4 Idents

On Air Rebrand - Channel4

We worked closely with our friends at ManvsMachine on these 16 idents representing a digital reinvention of the classic celluloid film strip.

Our role was to develop the technical methodology for the practical shoot and stitch all the footage together. We also did all additional CGI and compositing.

From the outset we shot tests at various locations across London, making use of existing architectural features to aid in the unmistakable looping transition that appears in this TVC.
We spent three weeks on r&d to figure out the limitations of the idea and soon discovered that one of the main challenges of shooting this practically and efficiently meant we needed to move through any given space at a constant steady speed.
Consequently, this limited a number of locations we could shoot in. In most cases we dug holes for the motion control camera to drop into and in other cases it meant building elevated sets.

Alongside the practical problem solving we also had to create seamless CGI for a lot of the films and put together elements from different takes.


  • Client: 4Creative
  • Concept & Design: ManvsMachine
  • VFX Supervisor: Mike Merron
  • Producer: Liz Arnott (Channel 4)
  • Lead 3D Artist: Simon Reeves
  • Lead 2D Artist: Fabio Zaveti
  • 3D Artists: Matt Chandler, Arvid Niklasson, Martin Gunnarsson, Tim Woods
  • 2D Artists: Oscar Tornincasa

VFX Making Of