The Journey of Music

As part of Meridian Audio’s latest campaign for their automotive audio system, we created this film that would be used both online as well as an “in car” Demo for the whole of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle ranges. The film aims to visualise all the nuances of the sound produced by Meridian’s system. By breaking down the technologies one at a time, we can give shape, colour and texture to music while in reality this is happening within the split of a second.

We created a full CG film with streams of particles flowing around the car, using elements of musical instruments combined with abstract forms. All of these driven by the audio with every note flowing through them.

We created set-ups to allow simple and flexible control for the audio reactive movement of the particles. In this job we married a few different 3D applications, making the most of the tools available and artist preference.


  • Client Meridian Audio
  • Director and Concept Marco Ammannati
  • CG Direction Analog
  • Lead 3D Simon Reeves
  • 3D Artists Arvid Niklasson, Mike Merron, Matt Chandler, Tim Woods, Nathan Bayliss
  • Comp Fabio Zaveti, Nathan Bayliss
  • Producer Mike Turoff

Process Images