Eco Drive

Time runs in reverse and order restores itself in this commercial starring Takeshi Kaneshiro directed by Christian Bevilacqua for Citizen’s eco drive watches. The room rebuilds itself in this backwards explosion, parts of the environment gliding past our hero’s head and creating a ground beneath his feet.

We provided VFX supervision on set in Prague and created all the VFX for the room explosion.

The entire room environment was rebuilt from location references and then destroyed with Rayfire and Pflow and a whole load of other tricks and scripts. Fracturing and dynamics were handled almost exclusively with Rayfire – specific fractures were created using custom shapes and by hand modelling.


  • Agency Ogilvy
  • Production Company Stink
  • Director Christian Bevilacqua
  • VFX Supervisors Arvid Niklasson, Matt Chandler
  • 3D Artists Arvid Niklasson, Matt Chandler, Simon Reeves & Tim Woods
  • 2D Artists Urban Forsberg, Aitor Arroyo & Nathan Bayliss
  • Vfx editor Pete Baxter
  • VFX Producer Mike Turoff

Process Film

Process Images