Twist your Imagination

We worked with director Christian Bevilacqua at Stink to create a rollercoaster at 40,000 feet controlled by a passenger on his Lenovo tablet.
We provided VFX supervision on the shoot in China including photogrammetry for scanning the cast so that we could recreate them in CG.
We created many fully CG shots for the exterior of the plane, and a VFX takeover where we replace the actors and the plane interior with their CG doubles as the roof opens and they leave the aircraft to begin their ride.


  • Director Christian Bevilacqua
  • Production Company Stink
  • Agency Ogilvy
  • Visual Effects Analog
  • DoP Luis Branquinho
  • Colorist Gabriele Peloso
  • Graphics Fraser Davidson
  • VFX Supervisor Arvid Niklasson, Simon Reeves
  • VFX Producer Mike Turoff
  • 3D Mike Merron, Arvid Niklasson, Matt Chandler, Toby Winder, Simon Reeves & Stuart Turnbull
  • Compositing Fabio Zaveti, Aitor Arroyo, Andre Dias
  • MattePainting Ed Babb
  • Vfx Editor Pete Baxter

Process Images