Unleash the B&Q in you

We were contacted by Man vs Machine to show, with graciously choreographed and impossible camera movements, all the elements and accessory of a B&Q kitchen.
This required the creation of a full CG kitchen, and in high detail, as the idea from the directors at MvM was to get pretty close with the virtual lens. Steaming pots and espresso cup, oil bottle, fresh herbs, bread and crumbles: details were crucial to sell it not only as photo real, but as a lived environment.

Later WCRS asked for our help to show a sample of the vast range of bathroom designs, all coming out of the B&Q logo. With some smart rigging trickery (I don’t want this to sound demeaning) we devised a transformation/transition style, but then the key was to make the environment feel big and real once the transformation was complete. A lot of attention had to go in the lighting department to make an open box feel like an enclosed, bright and warm space.

In the third and latest piece we once again explore range, this time with a live action approach. In the film, directed by Christian Bevilacqua, we go along with the imagination of the main character trying to decide the right kitchen style for her future by directly jumping into the B&Q magazine, website, tv commercial.
With the aid of green screens, props, lot of roto and cleanup, and with a mostly 2D approach we helped her find her dimension.


  • Agency BBH
  • Director (BnQ Bathroom) ManvsMachine
  • VFX Analog
  • Production Company Friend
  • Director (BnQ Kitchen) Mvsm

BnQ Bathroom

BnQ Kitchen