Gorillaz x G-Shock

In conversation with Mr Ibe

Working with Blinkink and Ten Times for G-Shock and Gorillaz we developed a unique digital application called MIMO to bring 2D and Noodle into the real world and onto the interview couch with Mr Ibe, founder and inventor of G-Shock watches, who’s personal vision brought about the world’s toughest watch 35 years ago.

The film uses innovative, world-first technology (MIMO) developed by us to capture a meeting between two cultural entities. Combining machine learning and vision analysis, this bespoke system utilises motion capture technology to create 2D animation in a live performance setting, allowing the band to communicate and interact live in a way that’s never been seen before.


  • Directors Jamie Hewlett & Ten Times
  • Production co. Blinkink
  • Producer Georgina Filmore
  • Technical Lead Arvid Niklasson
  • Analog Producer Matthew Shannon
  • Developer Graham Reeves
  • Developer Luca Conesa
  • Animators Conor Ryan, Reg Isaac, Eleonora Quario, Bianca Assad, Pencil Bandit, Pedro Allevato
  • Graphics Ruini Shi & Chiara Sgatti
  • Live Action Interview Director Nick Collett
  • DOP Jake Polonsky
  • Editor Ed Cheesman @ Final Cut
  • Sound FX Offset Audio