Visit Wales

Elements of Welsh folklore and history are visualised as magic and emotiveness within the breathtaking Welsh location of Llyn Llydaw for the new Visit Wales television and cinema campaign.

We provided pre-visualisation and shot supervision as actor Luke Evans guides the audience through the incredible history, myth and Arthurian Legend of the epic Welsh landscape.
Our challenge was creating the various kind of simulations and effects including shard like arrows of slate raining down around him, magically rising waters and flocks of iridescent, colourful feathers – all inspired by elements of the surrounding landscape.

We developed large particle fluid simulations, procedural dynamic fracturing systems and provided extensive color correction work to maintain consistency across the edit – aligning the contrasting weather conditions encountered over the 2 day location shoot.
Find your epic.


  • Client Wales Tourist Board
  • Production Company Orchard Media, Smörgåsbord
  • Director Marc Evans
  • Creative Director Dylan Griffith
  • VFX Supervisor Matt Chandler
  • VFX Shoot Supervisor Fabio Zaveti
  • VFX Producer Mark Webb
  • 3D Artists Kristoffer Andersson, Maurizio De Angelis, Andy Nicholas, Arthur Ranson, Simon Reeves
  • 2D Artists Fabio Zaveti, Igor Gama, Vlad Iliescu, Alessandro Melillo

Process Film

Process Images