Passion Pictures approached us to help bring to life a school of goldfish swimming through a clear glass representation of human arteries for the Pradaxa medicine brand.

Passion provided us with the previs layouts of the glass arteries, from which we created a network of arterial tubes linking via the brain, heart, etc, for the goldfish to traverse. We then took the model of the goldfish, and applied rigging, photosensitive scale textures and lighting effects, before compositing multiple animated versions of the finished fish into the glass structure itself.

There were some unique challenges thrown up by this project, specifically in regards to replicating real world effects in the CG environment such as the clarity of the glass and the way the light refracted through it and how that then interacted with the goldfish, which themselves had to convey a sense of slight distortion to sell the appearance of being suspended in an invisible liquid.


  • Client Pradaxa
  • Production Company Passion Pictures
  • Director Jake Mengers
  • VFX Supervisor Arvid Niklasson
  • Lead 3D Artists Tim Woods, Matt Chandler
  • 3D Artists Maurizio de Angelis, Kristoffer Andersson
  • Lead 2D Artist Fabio Zaveti