Ooredoo – Fabric


We worked with director Omar Khalifa at The Film House to drape huge skyscrapers and cover vast desert landscapes in Qatar with flowing red fabric representing Ooredoo’s expansive network coverage.

We provided VFX supervision on the shoot in Qatar in preparation to create the CG for the less practical shots.

For the CG to be successful, we had to not only match the material look of the cloth to the live action, but we also needed to pay careful attention to the speed of movement, the weight of the cloth and the right level of detail to make sure that the correct scale was communicated as the huge fabric covers entire skyscrapers.


  • Client Ooredoo
  • Production Company The Film House
  • Director Omar Khalifa
  • VFX & Grade Analog
  • Producer Mike Merron
  • 3D Artists Martin Gunnarsson, Kristoffer Andersson, Simon Reeves, Mike Merron
  • 2D Artists Fabio Zaveti, Oscar Tornincasa

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