Vision Hall

Analog worked closely with Universal Everything to develop some stunning content for the Hyundai ‘Vision Hall’ – a space designed for leaders, engineers, scientists, workers and designers to collaborate, discuss, learn and be inspired.

The hall uses state-of-the-art technology including a 3D sound system and a huge media wall (24 x 3.5 metres) to present content.

The films included a number of huge fluid simulations and technical animations, developed to adhere to particular themes such as energy, form, precision and renewable materials.


  • Direction: Universal Everything
  • Animation / Post / CGI: Analog
  • 3D Artists: Matt Chandler, Simon Reeves, Arvid Niklasson, Mike Merron
  • 2D Artists: Nathan Bayliss
  • Audio: Simon Pyke
  • Filmed by: The Creators Project




Making Of

Process Images