We teamed up with Passion to bring Supercon the robot to life for Barclays, currently spearheading their new campaign to inform customers about online fraud prevention.

The initial model and textures were made from Passion’s original design, and the components 3D printed for use in the live action, ‘80s kids tv ad’ portion of the commercial. We then employed mocap animation to produce a full CG, ‘self aware’ Supercon.

Other CG elements were added to enhance the practical, in camera shots, such as 80’s toy style sparks from the rocket pack, CG discs to kill the terrible cup monster, and as a finishing touch we created Supercon’s battery ‘mishap’ at the end of the spot.

We also produced some additional full CG online content, as well as print imagery for in store and high street advertising.


  • Director Dave Scanlon
  • Agency BBH
  • Production Company Passion Animation Studios
  • Producer Anna Cunnington
  • VFX Supervisor Mike Merron
  • VFX Producers Mark Webb, Matthew Shannon
  • Lead 3D Artist Simon Reeves
  • Lead 2D Artist Fabio Zaveti
  • 3D Animators Julien Loth, Antoine Bourruel, Marie Verhoeven
  • 3D Artists Kristoffer Andersson, Maurizio De Angelis
  • 2D Artists Alessandro Melillo, Igor Gama, Andre Dias



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